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Test you knowledge in trademarks by answering these ten questions.

1. A mark should serve at:
  • a. defining the product
  • b. show the product
  • c. distinguish the product
  • d. design the characteristic of a product
2. In France, the right belongs to:
  • a. the first to file
  • b. the first to use
  • 3. Does a global submission of mark exist?
4. Who can file?
  • a. a person
  • b. several people
  • c. a company
  • d. an association
  • d. an authorized representative
5. The protection of a mark in France can be obtained by:
  • a. a national submission in France
  • b. a submission in the European Communauty
  • c. an international submission according to the Union of Madrid
  • d. a French/Spanish submission according to the convention of Marseilles
6. The opposition procedure is:
  • a. a legal procedure
  • b. an administrative procedure
  • which takes place before:
  • c. the INPI
  • d. a tribunal court
7. Who can submit an opposition?
  • a. the owner of a French trademark that is filed earlier
  • b. the owner of a French mark that is recorded earlier
  • c. the one who can prove a date when used before a mark
8. The renewal of a French mark:
  • a. is automatic
  • b. should be applied for at the INPI
9. A French mark is recorded for a duration:
  • a. unlimited
  • b. of ten years, indefinitely renewable
  • c. of ten years, renewable only once
  • 10. A mark is something we can give away:

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