Being advisors in Industrial property, we therefore accompany the private individuals and companies throughout every process concerning Industrial property. We respect our clients needs regarding the international (EPO, WIPO, OHIM) and national offices (INPI) and have a large network of colleagues to assure the representation of our clients throughout the world.
We participate in the preparation, filing and maintaining of titles regarding Industrial property (trademarks, patents, designs and models). We operate in the area of copywriting. We can also carry out research regarding trademark availability, patents, draft up contracts for industrial property (transfers, licences, coexistence agreements), and globally assist our clients in their strategy in Industrial property and the defence of their rights.
On demand of the INPI and companies, we carry out pre-diagnostics to evaluate the needs of the companies concerning industrial property. In cooperation with our partners in the region PACA, we hold free committees, open to everybody at the I’INPI PACA-OUEST (Marseille), on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month.