The Cabinet MAREK is a consultant company specializing in industrial property. It was founded in 1970 and has since been in Marseille, and more precisely, in the historical neighbourhood of the ‘Vieux Port’.
Our clients are private individuals, small to medium sized companies and large French and industrial groups working in all sectors (mechanical, biological, biotechnology, cosmetics, nutraceutical, clothing, etc…).
Our services cover all the needs and issues regarding Intellectual property, and in particular patents, trademarks and designs, including availability search, the writing up of patent applications, monitoring, the filing and renewal of marks, contracts (licences, assignments, agreements) all ending up with a recognised title regarding Industrial property. More generally, we accompany those applying to obtain a patent throughout the whole process, to the valorisation and defence of a title regarding industrial property.

Because of our size, we stay very close to our clients and are always there to listen and give advice.